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2010 TBU Award Winners (and Losers)

Well, the 2010 TBU Awards Show has posted. If you haven't listened yet, you can find it here. In the show, we named what we called the losers, which were actually the winners of the worst categories, and the winners of the 2010 TBU Awards. Thanks for making this years ballot even more successful than last year. Here is the rundown.


2010 TBU Awards


Worst Batman Comic Book Writer
Kevin Smith


Worst Batman Comic Book Artist
Walter Flanagan


Worst Batman Comic Book Creative Team
Kevin Smith & Walter Flanagan


Worst Ongoing Comic Book Series
The Outsiders


Worst Single Issue
Batman: The Widening Gyre #6


Worst Comic Book Character


Worst Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode
Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure


Worst Batman 3 News
Riddler will not be in the film


Best Batman Comic Book Writer
Grant Morrison


Best Batman Comic Book Artist
Three-Way Tie
Frazer Irving
Dustin Nguyen
Cameron Stewart


Best Batman Comic Book Creative Team
Grant Morrison & Frazer Irving


Best Ongoing Comic Book Series
Batman and Robin


Best Single Issue
Batman and Robin #16


Best Comic Book Character
Dick Grayson


Best Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episode
Chill of the Night!


Best Batman 3 News
Chris Nolan Confirms that He will Return


Best TBU Special
2010 Blooper Show


Best TBU Exclusive
San Diego Comic Con Coverage


Best Overall Batman News
The Release of the Batman: Arkham City Trailer


Congratulations to the winners!


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