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3 Batman Bodies



This is why "Batman and Robin" issue 7 has been delayed so long? For those who don't know, the above is a preview image for issue 7 that DC Comics released today and it sure confuses me about the fate of Bruce Wayne's body. We now have three bodies of Wayne floating around the DCU.


1) Caveman Bruce as seen in "Final Crisis" issue 7 and the upcoming "Return of Bruce Wayne" mini-series.


2) The body (which may be fake in light of this) that Dick buried over in "Batman" whose skull is now being used in "Blackest Night". 


3) This new addition to the madness.


So anyone have any theories in what's going on? Got me. I hope "Batman and Robin" issue 7 clears things up, otherwise this just raises more questions. 


Posted by Josh

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  • Steve Rogers

    In BN5 the skull “grew” a new body, which Neckron then had disintegrate (including the skull). So that body is probably no more. Down to 2 Batmen!