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5 Ways to Turn Your Garage Or Basement Into The Ultimate Batcave

Bruce Wayne’s manner may have come with the Batcave included, but most of us need to build our own.  All that it really requires is a garage, basement, or spare room. There are plenty of ways you can convert almost any location into your secret layer, where you can relax and store your Batgear.   Here are 5 items that can help you do this.


1. A Batman Alarm Clock With A Signal Light 


A true Batcave will be securely cut off from all sources of outside light.  While this great for dozing off wearing Batman pajamas it can also make it hard to keep track of time.  Fortunately, with this Batman alarm clock you can make sure you don’t spend too much time in awe of the incredible cave you’ve built for your self.  With a light that will put the classic Batman signal where ever you shine it, this may be the ultimate Batman themed clock.  If you do choose to sleep near it, the Bat-signal has a knob to control the light intensity, so you can dim it to the appropriate level. 


2. Batman Speakers


If you’re reading this article you probably like Batman movies.  Maybe you’ve even stayed up all night to watch the whole Dark Knight Trilogy in a manic marathon.  If so, you can add a little extra Caped Crusader element to your movies, music and Batcave with these speakers


The speakers come in dozens of themes, ranging from comic style pictures of Batman and Robin to images of Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and more.  With so many options, finding a set that is perfect for you should be a breeze.  Because they are portable and only require a headphone jack, you can bring them with you outside of the Batcave to use for your laptop, phone or anything else.


3. Batman Fan Blades


Bruce Wayne’s Batcave is probably deep enough underground that it doesn’t get hot, however yours may not be.  Fortunately you don’t have to spoil the décor with a non-themed ceiling fan.  With just a drill you can easily install these Batwing shaped fan blades onto 52-inch fans. These handcrafted birch wood blades can help ensure your Batcave is decked out from floor to ceiling. After installing these, not only will your room look cool, it may be able to keep you cool too.


4. A Dark Knight Book Shelf


Unless you have a Batmobile or a full on replica costume, there is a good chance this bookshelf will be the centerpiece of your Batcave.  Since they are made to order, you may be able to make one as small or large as you need for your space.  Then, after you’ve installed it you can start filling the insides with Batman books and DVDs, and lining the top with your speaker, alarm clock, and other prized collectables.  To top off the whole thing, you could install a big screen TV above it to have ultimate Batman theater.


5. Batman Table and Barstools


Just because Bruce Wayne keeps his Batcave shrouded in secrecy doesn’t mean you need to do the same for yours. This Batman Table and Barstool set can be great for having a buddy over.  Sitting at this table, you could swap the latest Dark Knight news, trade comics, or just sit while playing Arkham Knights.  Even if you don’t do any of these things, you still have an awesome themed table to sit at while you eat or drink.  With a heavy-duty vinyl coating, it should be almost as tough as the Caped Crusader himself and last you for many years.


Bruce Wayne found his Batcave through sheer luck, but the rest of us are probably going to need to work a little harder.  However, whether it is the corner of a room or your whole basement, with a few of the right items, you too can have your own secret layer.  With lights that display the sign of the Caped Crusader, batwinged ceilings fans and more, you will be well on your way too having your own Batcave.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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