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60's Series Close to DVD Release?

Comic Book Resources interviewed Adam West on his current projects and there was some interesting comments from West about the release of the 1960's TV series that he starred in.


CBR: "Lookwell" was sadly never made, but "Batman," of course was on the air for 120 glorious episodes. Yet, because it's never been released on DVD, legions of fans, young and old, haven't been able to enjoy it , some for the first time and some to relive those great memories. Do you have any idea when we might see "Batman" come out on DVD.


Adam West: I guess FOX and Warner Bros. have been trying to sift that one out. I think it's simply a matter of dividing up the pie. I've heard that they're very close to an agreement and they'll be bringing it out. In the meantime, because they haven't and people have been screaming for it, I did "Adam West Naked."


But of course, you're right. People want "Batman" released on DVD and I think it will happen. "Batman: The Movie" is available and it's always sold really well. But it seems most people have seen that.


So could the series be any closer to release? Only time will tell.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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