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Another Site to Check Out

Comic Book and Movie Reviews


Another site was mentioned to me recently to check out and I did. I found it quite interesting as it combines not only my love of comic books but also my other love, movies.


The site is ComicBookandMoiveReviews.com. They post up a number of reviews related to the DC Universe as well as a ton of movies. Everything from mainstream movies as well as indie films.


They do focus a lot of their attention on DC books as well as the Bat-books. Although the idea of covering so many books does catch up to them slightly as they are about a month behind from the issues being released. Now this is could be because of a subscription plan for the books, which I am sure is the case.


If you are interested in film and comic reviews, check out the guys over at ComicBookandMovieReviews.com. You won't be disappointed.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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