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Arkham in 3D?


Arkham Asylum will be getting a special edition treatment later this month. Well, at least that's what the ad says. This website questions this and it's more likely we'll see a later release date.


This will be the "Game of the Year" edition". As you can see by the above ad, it will have six extra challenge maps. Don't worry, you won't have to re-buy the game. Most of these are supposedly ones that were already downloadable content. The exclusive ones? If I know video game companies, even if they say it'll be exclusive, you can bet that we'll be seeing these as downloadable content within the next year.


Interestingly enough, one of the challenge maps will be Crime Alley, and it doesn't seem to be a dream sequence like we got in the game. This is interesting because in the game we only fought inside Arkham and it's sewers. Going into Gotham would be a good preview for the eventual "Arkham 2" game that is being developed.


3D glasses? Video games in 3D rarely work. I doubt this will do much better. Save your money and download the maps later.

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