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More Batman Universe Characters Coming on CW’s Arrow?


At Phoenix Comic-Con, Stephen Amell teased that "If you like some of the enemies Batman has fought, you're really going to like Season Three." He did not get any more specific than that. However, there has been much in the realm of speculation. The consensus on the internet has been that Ra's al Ghul will be coming to the show. On his Fat Man on Batman podcast, Kevin Smith and Neal Adams basically confirmed that Ra's al Ghul will be on the show; they entertained no doubt that it was happening. Furthermore, Stephen Amell said he would like to see the head of the League of Assassins on the show during that same Q&A at Phoenix Comic-Con. All indication point towards Ra's al Ghul appearing on Arrow.


One other point to mention is that Amell made no mention of how many villains from Batman's Rogues Gallery could be coming. There was an episode this past season ("Suicide Squad") where Harley Quinn made a cameo, and Amell, at Phoenix Comic-Con, said there was another Harley Quinn cameo that was cut from the season finale. It is possible she could appear in another Suicide Squad episode. However, that seems unlikely based on an interview executive producer and writer, Marc Guggenheim did with Collider.com. He said that Harley Quinn's appearance in Arrow Season 2 Episode 16 was "always intended to be an Easter egg."


In this same interview, Guggenheim further reveals that they have an idea of what to do for a Huntress episode in Season 3. Helena Bertinelli (AKA The Huntress) has previously appeared in three episodes of Season 1 and one episode in Season 2. 


Apart from villains (or in the case of Huntress, ambiguous characters that cannot really be described as a villain or a hero), could there be more members of the Batman Universe coming to Arrow in Season 3? Nightwing has been rumored for awhile now, but that was due to Steve McQueen's tweets. He has since said he has not been cast as Nightwing. Yet, rumors still fly mostly because Oliver Queen himself, Steven Amell, has said, at Phoenix Comic-Con and in a Q&A on Facebook, that he would like to see Nightwing on the show. He has not confirmed Nightwing, but he has not denied it either. Amell has been giving some very intriguing/non-committal answers to the Q&A's on his page that could lead to further speculation. The following are some of those answers:


Q: What other DC characters would you like to see appear on Arrow?

A: Nightwing would be pretty bad ass.


Q: Any Bruce Wayne appearances in Season 3?

A: I've only read the first episode.


Q: There have been rumors about Nightwing making an appearance in Arrow. Do you know anything about that or do we just have to wait and see.? [sic]

A: You always have to wait and see.


Q: Any chance of you traveling to Gotham, Metropolis, or Coastal City?

A: Yes.


Q: Will there ever be a Nightwing character on the show?? now that Roy aka Speedy is growing into the role as Red Arrow/Arsenal… wouldn't it be awesome to team up with Batmans sidekick Dick? [sic]

A: Why don't I just go right ahead and spoil the rest of the show for you…


The new season of Arrow premieres on October 8 on the CW.


Posted by Alex Hey

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