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August Solicitations Announced

DC Comics have released the solicitations for August 2011 and there are a number of interesting things occurring in The Batman Universe.


The first thing we see is that there will be another eighty-page giant this year with a cover by Dustin Nguyen. The creators writing and drawing in the issue were not named specifically, but there is plenty of time between now and August for them to name some off.


The remaining Retroactive one-shots are both released in August.


As far as creator changes, Chris Burnham will be back on Batman Incorporated for issue #10. Batman and Robin gets yet another creative team, this time in the form of David Hine and Greg Tocchini. Fabian Nicieza writes both Red Robin and Batman. Batman: The Dark Knight sees a new artist added to the series with Jay Fabok. Batman Beyond has Chris Batista and Rich Perotta handling the art.


As far as stories go, Batman Beyond sees Inque return. Red Robin deals with Captain Boomerang's return from the grave. Detective Comics wraps the Scott Snyder's current story up. In Batman and Robin, the title characters head to France to team-up with Nightrunner.


Also, the final issues of Batman: Arkham City, Flashpoint: Batman-Knight of Vengeance and Batman: Gates of Gotham are set to release in August.


Young Justice and The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold have new issues solicited.


Batman Universe characters also appear in Teen Titans, Justice League of America, Secret Six and Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors.


The cover of the month has to be Dustin Nguyen's cover for the Batman Eighty-Page Giant.


Batman Eighty-Page Giant 2011


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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