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Episode 28

Knightfall is here! The start of the story and the event that pushes Tim out on his own begins here. Terrence O’Neil is back on the show and we discuss the prelude to Knightfall with Batman...

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Episode 27

Welcome to this special edition of Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake Podcast. This episode is simple, we will be talking a look at Tim in the Arkhamverse and talk Batman: Arkham Knight. Be sure to...

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Episode 26

Welcome back to part 2 of Robin III: Cry of The Huntress. Tom Panarese is back again as we discuss the six issue miniseries. This would be the final miniseries before Tim would get his own on-going...

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Episode 25

Hello and welcome to Robin: Everyone Loves…Taking Flight! That’s right on this episode of Everyone Loves The Drake I am joined by former Taking Flight podcast host Tom Panarese! This is...

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Episode 24

It’s the month of April and the 75th Anniversary of Robin! First off Terence O’Neil is back on the show. We will be talking about the first Robin Annual that came out in 1992, the first...

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Merch Review: Kotobukiya Robin ArtFX Statue

The latest Robs Rogues features a review of Kotobukiya’s Damian Wayne as Robin ArtFX Statue.  

Episode 23

Spoiler Alert!….literally! The Cluemaster is back in Gotham City and is not plagued by having the need to leave clues of his crimes to taunt Batman and Robin. This time someone else is doing...

Episode 22

Episode 22 finds Tim on a case about bats… not so strange, but Vampire bats in Metropolis? Robin leaves the dark and dingy streets of Gotham for the bright lights of Metropolis in Superman: The...

Episode 21

Happy 2015! Episode 21 finds Tim at a cross roads. What do you do when your father decides to be part of your life for the fist time in… well ever? Oh and he’s in a wheelchair and you...

Episode 20

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, I hope the season has found you well. As we get closer to closing out 2014, I thought I would give you a special Christmas Episode. On this Christmas episode of...

Episode 19

Ok…so that little bird is gonna get it this time. It’s all I want for Christmas. In this episode of Everyone Loves The Joker, we will be watching Robin die in the final two chapters,...

Episode 18

What is it with old Guanoman and these stupid birds!!! You blow one up and he just replaces it with another one! This third one thinks he’s really smart We’ll see how smart he is in this...

Episode 17

Episode 17 brings us back to 1991 to continue the story of Tim Drake. This episode will take a look at three issues; Batman #467-469, the Shadow Box story line. This is the quick return of King...

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Episode 16

In honor of The New 52’s Futures End event time jump in the month of September across many of the DCU books, Robin: Everyone Loves The Drake will do the same thing… kind of. We will jump...

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