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Episode 13

It’s finally here! The first Robin comic on the podcast. The 1991 mini series asked the question, could a sidekick be good enough to hold his own series and the answer was yes, but was Tim...

Episode 12

  It's finally here, the moment we all have been waiting for. Tim Drake is officially the new Robin, that is if he can save Batman from the Scarecrow. Ok we know he will but still. And the...

Episode 11

  Welcome to Episode 11. Tim's life as he knew it has changed forever, his mother is gone and his father will never walk again, and at this point he's not sure if Batman will ever let...

Episode 10

  Welcome to episode #10!!!! How do we celebrate #10? Well you put Tim's parents into a death trap half way around the world and we put them in a fire pit and give them a pitcher of water...

Episode 9

  Episode #9 takes Tim to the the edge and one of darkest days he has ever had to face…. the kidnapping of his parents and trying to help Batman catch a cyber crook. Can he hold it...

Episode 8

  Ok Tim, it's time to go to school and your teacher is Dick Grayson! Come along with Tim in The New Titans #65 as Dick gives Tim a lesson in observation. Class is in session!  

Episode 7

  Rob concludes the final chapter to "A Lonely Place of Dying" and this episode is a bit different to celebrate Tim putting on the Robin costume for the first time! This time around we...

TBU Merch Review: Batman: Arkham Origins Black Mask

      Posted by Rob Myers

Episode 6

  Here is part two of A Lonely Place of Dying. Rob is joined again by Terence, this time they talk about parts 3 & 4 of the story in Batman #441 and The New Titans #61. How does this boy...

Episode 5

  Tim Drake is finally here! We start the first two chapters of "A Lonely Place of Dying!" Rob is joined for this series by former Bat-Fans Podcast co-host Terence! Rob and Terence...

Episode 4

  The conclusion of Batman Year 3 is here with issue #439, with Tony Zucco dead everyone is trying to track down Tony's little black book. Will Batman and Nightwing be able to find it before...

Episode 3

  Episode 3 brings us one step closer to Tim Drake. But first, is Batman working with the mob? What does Alfred have planned for Tony Zucco? And how will Dick react to the news that the man that...

Episode 2

  Hello, and welcome to episode 2 of Robin: Everyone Loves The Drake Podcast. We pick up where we last left of in Batman: Year 3 with issue #437… Bruce Wayne takes Dick Grayson as his...

Episode 1

  Welcome to Episode # 1 for Robin: Everyone Loves the Drake Podcast. For this first episode we will be looking at well.. the Beginning… The first apearience of Tim Drake in the pages of...

TBU Merch Review: Batman Unlimited-Arkham Origins Deathstroke

  This is for Deathstroke from the Batman Unlimited line from Mattel. One of the last two figures from Mattel's recently canceled Unlimited line, and the first Assassin of Arkham...

Review: DC Collectibles DC Comics Super-Villains Joker

  Straight from the pages of DC Comics Batman: Death of the Family storyline, comes the New 52 Joker action figure. This is the much anticipated action figure from the villains line....

TBU Merch Review: BTAS Crime Squad Air Assault Batman

    Reviewed by Rob Myers

TBU Merch Review: DC Chess Collection Batman and Robin

    Reviewed by Rob Myers

Batman: Death of the Family Wrap-Up

Editor's Note: Here is a wrap-up of Batman: Death of the Family by our resident merchandise reviewer, Rob Myers. He discusses the entire Death of the Family along with his wife.    ...

TBU Merch Review: BTAS Deluxe Mech-Wing Batman

    Reviewed by Rob Myers

Batman Incorporated #8 Wrap-Up

Editor's Note: Here is a special wrap-up of Batman Incorporated by our resident merchandise reviewer, Rob.     Posted by Rob Myers

TBU Merch Review: BTAS Ra’s al Ghul

    Reviewed by Rob Myers

TBU Merch Review: BTAS Two-Face

    Reviewed by Rob Myers