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Author Archive: Tim Geraci

BTAS Review: The Underdwellers

  Episode 06: The Underdwellers Teleplay By: J. Dennis & R. Mueller Directed By: Frank Paur Original Air Date: 10/21/92   Throughout Batman's career, he has had to face many...

BTAS Review: Pretty Poison

  Episode 05: Pretty Poison Written By: Tom Ruegger Directed By: Boyd Kirkland Original Air Date: 09/14/92   Poison Ivy holds the title of being the first female villain to appear in...

BTAS Review: The Last Laugh

  Episode 04: The Last Laugh Written by: Carl Swenson Directed by: Kevin Altieri Original Air Date: 09/22/92   After what was in my opinion a lackluster way to introduce an iconic character...