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Azzarello on Flashpoint Batman

Comic Book Resources has posted up an interview with Brian Azzarello in regards to his work on Flashpoint: Batman-Knight of Vengeance. Also for those who have not read the first issue of Flashpoint, there is a pretty big spoiler at the end which is discussed in this interview. So be warned.


Flashpoint: Batman-Knight of Vengeance #2CBR: The big reveal in "Flashpoint" #1 was that the superhero under the cowl for this mega event is not Bruce Wayne but his father, Thomas Wayne. Was that your idea?


Brian Azzarello: It was Geoff's idea to make Batman Thomas Wayne. Beyond that, as far as the events that occur in "Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance," that's all mine.


CBR: Thomas Wayne has been around for 74 years, yet beyond the iconic scene when he's gunned down in Crime Alley, we don't really know too much about him. Did you do much research into the character?


Brian Azzarello: No. This Thomas Wayne is cut wholly out of new cloth.


CBR: So Thomas is a different kind of Batman than Bruce is?


Brian Azzarello: Yeah, he's a much more pissed off Batman. Really. [Laughs] He doesn't have some of the moral hangups that Bruce does. Let's say that.


CBR: Again, Bruce Wayne is considered the greatest detective in the DCU, if not the greatest mind. Does Thomas share these particular skills?


Brian Azzarello: I think his smarts are a different set of smarts. He's smart enough to open a casino to fund his fight. That's something that never occurred to Bruce.


CBR: In "Flashpoint: Batman – Knight of Vengeance," do we see a lot of Thomas Wayne unmasked, interacting with people in the casino and other locales across Gotham?


Brian Azzarello: Oh, yeah. Sure. I think that's important to establish the character. Once you put the cowl on him, they're all the same. Once they're actually fighting crime, one guy uses Jiu-Jitsu and the other guy uses judo. Come on. What's the difference?


CBR: The solicitations for issue #3 were just released and the copy teases Joker will be revealed. I assume it's safe to say this is a different kind of Joker, too.


Brian Azzarello: Sure. But all I can tell you is that he's in there. Gordon's in there. The Penguin. Selina Kyle. You get all my perverse takes on these characters. But I'm not telling you anything about who all of these characters are other than that they are there. You're going to have to read the book, man. But I promise, when you see this book, you're going to be blown away. Really. I hate to say that kind of stuff but this time, I'm going to say it.


For the entire interview, head over to Comic Book Resources. Flashpoint: Batman-Knight of Vengeance #1 hits stores next month.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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