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Batman and Robin Reviewed by Yeah, It's that Bad

Batman and Robin was for many Bat-Fans the worst moment in Batman film history. We shared our thoughts on the film a couple of year's back in an commentary and it mentioned it whenever something bad was going on in the year 2009. But with all of that aside what excuse could you have to hear about how horrible it was again?


Well, I came across a podcast online called Yeah, It's That Bad. They review films that many people thought were bad films. Episode 12 was recently released and it looks like Batman and Robin get their treatment. Not sure how it took twelve episodes before this one was reviewed, but it was suggested by three listeners to them.


Yeah, It's That Bad


You can take a listen to the show over at their site, which can be found here. A quick note as they also point out during the opening is that the podcast does contain some explicit language.


Posted by Dustin

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