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BAC: Catwoman to be Playable

GameSpot has the first news from Rocksteady as E3 kicks off shortly. It was revealed today that Catwoman will not only be aiding Batman in Batman: Arkham City, but also be a playable character. This is different than how the Joker was playable in Arkham Asylum as Catwoman will be playable during the story mode of the game. There was also a trailer released with this news.



Rocksteady again crammed a number of easter eggs in this trailer with hints to Maxie Zeus, the Ratcatcher, Bane, GCPD, and a Joker still sick.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Bane

    This sounds interesting since my wife has always been wishing for catwoman as a playable character! It's going to be an exciting game for her!