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BAC: Fake Trailer Leaked?

Recently you may have noticed a new leaked trailer of a special co-op section in the much anticipated Batman: Arkham City. This video shows the supposed level where there is the ability to play as both the Joker and Batman and take on a whole raft of bad guys.


Well sadly its a fake. There are numerous reasons as to why this is fake and I shall take a quick look at the reasons why now:


1. This is no where to be seen on either the official website or official Facebook page. If it’s an official trailer it will be seen on those sites first and neither of those have posted it unlike the previous trailer releases.


2. The designs are nothing new. As can be seen from the trailers and the stills, Batman has had heavy re-modeling to improve his appearance.


3. The moves shown are not really anything spectacular, nor are they very believable. How likely is it that Batman and Joker would be able to string moves together?


4. The scenes focus most on Batman and all those moves are standard from Batman Arkham Asylum and so could be easily put together with a bit of digital rendering.


5. While someone has taken the time to put it together; super impose it over other scenes. It does not have the polish and shine that the two previous trailers have. This could of course be a leak, but then it would have been taken down quickly and it looks like it has been up a while.


So while it looks good and someone has taken a long time to make it. The footage and lack of response either way from DC or Rocksteady. Suggest that they are not that bothered about it and suggest its a fake.


What do you think log on to the forums and log your opinion on how likely it is to happen.


Editor’s Note: The clip was taken down on a lot of various sites by Warner Bros. which raised the question of whether it was real. CVG recieved comments from Warner Bros. and posted this:

“Warner has confirmed that the video pertaining to be footage from Arkham City is indeed no such thing – indicating it’s an impressive fan-made effort. The firm told CVG that the video was not a “DC approved asset for any WBIE game.”

Despite the clip being fake, we still managed to get a copy of it and post it on YouTube. How long it stays up is anyone’s guess but you can take a look below.



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