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BAC: News Bits

There is a couple of minor things to cover for Batman: Arkham City.


First up, there are some rumors online that are stating that Batman: Arkham City has been delayed and will be coming out two weeks later than originally planned. These rumors are false. The date that the sites are reporting is October 18. That is actually the same date the Rocksteady and Warner Bros. announced earlier this year as the release date.


Batman: Arkham City Screenshot


Another bit of news is the use of the Bat-signal in the game. According to Rocksteady's Community Manager, Sarah May, the Bat-signal will be used to direct Batman towards new missions. It will also be able to be manually change the position of the signal through the pause menu.


Batman: Arkham City is still set to release on October 18 in North America.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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