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BAC: Nightwing, Catwoman DLC and the Fate of Joker?

Tons of new things happened over the weekend that may reveal a ton of new details for Batman: Arkham City. Let's take a look at not only some characters that may appear in the game but also the fate of others.


First up, on Friday there were a number of first looks for the game at a variety of sites. The one that caught our eye is the one over at CVG. They roll through a lot of the footage we have already seen the past with Batman heading to the courthouse to deal with Two-Face and Catwoman. The new bit of information was that after Batman tracks down the Joker, Batman apparently witnesses the death of the Joker. Now whether or not this is for good or "all part of the plan" is yet to be seen. Our money is on that is plays into the storyline and Joker is tricking Batman.


There was a new game play video that made its way online featuring more of the gliding that Batman can do in the game.



Next up, over the weekend, PS3Trophies.org posted the trophies that will be available for Batman: Arkham City on the Playstation 3. There was an interesting section that was part of the list. Here is the list.


Batman: Arkham City PS3 Trophy List

Two things to note. The first is that appears that Nightwing may be in the game after all. We heard rumors about this before but never a confirmation from Rocksteady. Also it appears that the word "Campaign" either refers the challenge map or that Catwoman, Robin and Nightwing will all be having their own elements of the game. We will have to see.


The last bit of news comes as it seems that Warner Bros. has vaguely announced the release date for the PC version of the game. Over on the WBShop.com, the PC version is listed to be released on November 8 in North America. Again no official confirmation, but is on a Warner Bros. site.


Batman: Arkham City will be released a little over two weeks on November 18 in North America, November 19 in Australia and November 21 in Europe and elsewhere.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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