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BAC: Villains!!!

Batman: Arkham City Logo


As we await the new Arkham City trailer premiering on the VGA's on SPIKE, what can we expect to see?


Well you have to go with what made Batman: Arkham Asylum a blockbuster, villains!!!!


We can expect to see some very cool villains make their presence known in this new game, but we will also see a bit of the story that we have uncovered about why is Arkham being hosted inside Gotham City. We may also be treated to maybe some cool new features that they will have in BAC for Batman and his string of gadgets, but here we must stay tried and true to what worked in BAA gaming mechanics, more combos and stealth moves will come into play in the video for fans. May we also be able to drive the Batmobile in this game too? The trailer will soon tell.


But overall what will surprise you as a gamer and Batman fan is….remember the line from BAA when the Joker says,"I set a trap and you sprung it gloriously!" or "The only problem taking an insane person to the asylum is that your only taking them home."


Well expect to hear some great lines as the famous Paul Dini writes this new edition of the video game into the successful Batman video game franchise he help built. Join us as we will be talking about the trailer soon after it airs in The Batman Universe Forums to talk about the everything we see in the trailer.


The trailer for Batman: Arkham City premieres on December 11th on the VGA's on SPIKE TV.


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