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Bandai: Crazy Case Batman Tumbler


Bandai announced their "Crazy Case" series awhile back, revealing their Crazy Case Bamtan Tumbler in November 2013 with a Youtube clip showing off the case's features.



The case was available for pre-order on January 7, 2014 for $56.05US (5,775 yen) and should still be available for purchase from Bandai in Japan. The model is based on The Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy featuring most of the elements found from the actual vehicle in the movies. The case is not just meant for a cool appeal, it will protect your iPhone 5/5s from some damages. The Tumbler will emit LED lighting when there is call, you can also turn on the lighting manually where supposedly a Bat-signal will appear. You can switch on the signal/lights at the rear end of the case where the jet engine is found.


Bandai's Crazy Case Batman Tumbler will be released March 2014.


Posted by Kristina Collins

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