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Bat-Book Delays



There are no actual delays this week but I would like to talk about 'Batman: The Dark Knight'. As you may recall, I have been expressing, over the last few weeks, my confusion at the absence of a solicited #4. Well that has now been rectified with a solicited 'Batman: The Dark Knight' #4, due for release on the 27th July. Whilst you'd be forgiven for thinking I see this as a good thing, you would nevertheless be wrong, and this is because of what DC posted on The Source just days ago…


I know that solicitations are written in advance, I also know that sometimes the stories change and the solicitations may become inaccurate, what I don't understand is why a five issue arc has been shortened to three with apparently no story for the remaining two issues. If DC canceled those remaining two issues before the relaunch I wouldn't mind, it would leave Finch free to concentrate on a fresh start, I would almost expect this to be the case after the current arc has been shortened… but if this is the case, why on earth has issue four only now been put back on the solicitations?


Now I'll move on before I go from merely flogging a dead horse to melting it down to glue. So, just one question remains; what will you be picking up from your local comic shop tomorrow? Well I can tell you the answer to that; on Wednesday the 13th July you will be able to pick up 'Batgirl' #23, 'Batman: The Dark Knight' #3, 'Birds of Prey' #14, 'Detective Comics' #879 and finally, 'Red Robin' #25.


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Posted by Joe Jinks

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