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Bat-Book Delays


Only one delay this week and it's an odd one. The 'Batman 80-Page Giant 2011' has been delayed by one week from the 3rd of August to the 10th. The reason this is odd is because I'm sure it's been in the works for months, it can't be a problem with one of the creative teams being late; even if there are several contributing to it. Having said that, the 'DC Retroactive: Batman- The '80s' is coming out on the 3rd so it is likely that DC delayed the anthology by a week to try and get the largest audience possible. Considering that the 'Batman 80-Page Giant 2011' is $5.99 and the 'DC Retroactive: Batman- The '80s'  is $4.99, DC have made a smart move as you'd have to be a pretty dedicated Batman fan to get both in the same week.


But enough about that, what can you pick up this week, well if you go into your stores tomorrow you should be able to pick up 'Batman' #712, the last ever issue of 'Batman' to be written by Tony Daniel before the relaunch (I know, I shed a tear too!). You can also pick up 'Batman: Gates of Gotham' #3, 'DC Retroactive: Batman- The '70s'-  the first of the Batman Retroactive books. 'Superman/Batman' #86 and finally, if you're following the events of Flashpoint, 'Flashpoint: Deadman and the Flying Graysons' #2. As well as all of that, you should also be able to pick up 'DC Comics The New 52', a free preview comic of the upcoming 52 new titles that should be given away at local comic shops.


Posted by Joe Jinks

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