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Bat-Books Delays

Bat-Book Delays


No actual delays to comics this week but we finally get an excuse from David Finch as to why 'The Dark Knight' is so far behind schedule. Well, I say excuse; basically he says it's all his fault as writing took a lot longer than expected. On the plus side, at least this shows that Finch actually cares about what he's writing; if he focused solely on the art and just pieced together a story to get the book out on time we might end up with something even more amateur than it already is. Having said that, whilst not all of the dialogue is brilliant, the actual story that Finch is starting to tell is very interesting, it does have a fan-fiction feel and probably 40% is ripped straight out of the films but because it is a fan writing what he wants to see it works as most of the audience want to see the same thing.


In the interview we also get a lot of teasers to what we will see in the upcoming issues, one of which makes me suspicious that Bane will be popping up soon. If this is the case, however, it will solidify the book's status as a cash-in product. I mean seriously, it's got Bruce Wayne as Batman, it's called 'The Dark Knight', it has loads of Batman movie references and it will potentially star Bane soon, DC might as well advertise this as "What's that? You enjoy Nolan's Batman films as well as having a mild interest in comic books? Well… buy me! Buy me! Buy me!".


Anyway, before this becomes solely a rant- we are once again informed that Jay Fabok will be taking over art duties for #5 but interestingly, he is also said to be doing #4 which is the missing issue, still not solicited by DC. However, Fabok will not be a permanent credit on the title as he is only with Finch for a short run to help him get back on track (which is apparently soon). Fabok is also a former apprentice of Finch so their styles are apparently similar so the artistic change shouldn't be too drastic. As well as this, issue 3 is now completely finished so its release of the 22nd of June should go unchanged.


So that's it for Bat-Book Delays, hopefully 'The Dark Knight' will start to get on track and we'll see more regular releases for the title. As for what you'll want to pick up from your local comic shop tomorrow we have 'Batman Beyond' #6 as well as 'Flashpoint: Batman- Knight of Vengeance' #1; the Batman tie-in to the Flashpoint event if you are following it.


But now I guess what does this all matter?


Joe Jinks

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