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Batman Schools Green Lantern


As most of us know Batman has had an uneven history with the Green Lantern. Certainly they don’t always see eye to eye and sometimes their relationship has come to blows. But they’ve always had a healthy respect for each other. Most of this is true of the relationship between the Bruce Wayne Batman and the Hal Jordan Green Lantern. But what of the Kyle Rayner Green Lantern and his relationship with either Bruce or Dick Grayson?


Recently we got a peek into that rapport in Green Lantern Corps #54. Without going too much into the plot line of what is going on in that book we can narrow it down to Kyle Rayner having a problem with Sinestro of the Yellow Lanterns. There is no love lost there and it isn’t long before it comes to fisticuffs but without the power rings that give both combatants their incredible strengths.


As the fists begin to fly let’s join in with the panel below…


Sinestro Punch


Apparently Sinestro doesn’t have much respect for Rayner’s fighting abilities despite the fact Kyle seems to be holding his own. In fact in the next full page panel we find out where Kyle Rayner has honed his fighting talents.


Kyle Rayner Bat-Punch


Whatever the relationship is between Green Lantern and Batman it is pretty clear that Kyle Rayner has picked a thing or two. I’d like to know who Kyle has been sparring with, Bruce or Dick, but it really doesn’t matter. The fight may not eventually go Rayner’s way but the important thing that Sinestro finds out. Lesson learned.


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