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Anyone else confused? Intrigued? Amused? Totally psyched?


Released August 16th on the DC blog “The Source” was this picture drawn by David Finch and revealed to us the “White Lantern Batman”.


So who is this Dark Knight that now shines in the Brightest Day? Is it Dick Grayson? After the events of Batman and Robin #13 are we to believe Dick is really dead? Could he have been reincarnated to accept the mantle of the White Lantern Batman? Is this Deadman’s doing?


Or is Batman and Robin #13 a clever ruse?


Could it be that Bruce Wayne has found an ingenious way back to the present that circumvents the machinations of Darkseid and prevents the holocaust that has been foretold?


Hopefully Grant Morrison and DC keep their cards close to the vest. There is nothing like spoilers to ruin a good storyline. Mr. Morrison has something cooked up for us in his own byzantine and convoluted way and we’ll have to wait till November to find out. Until then we’ll have to pick up the crumbs that are tossed our way in the pages of “The Return of Bruce Wayne” and “Batman and Robin”.


As for my answer to being amused, confused, psyched etc. I’m all of the above.


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