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Bat-Bulletin: Trimming the Batman Line

One problem we at "The Batman Universe Comic Podcast" have is covering the many books DC puts out. It seems like the Batman line has more books than it really needs. Some are good, some are redundant, some are spectacular and others have outlived their purposes. Is it time to trim the Batman line? Here is what I think.


Detective Comics


It’s the original Batman title and where DC Comics gets its name from. It should always be published. If if it is getting lower numbers and poor stories, then move one of the teams from a better Batman title over here. Detective Comics is too important to lose. Verdict: Publish




While it may not be as important as “Detective Comics”, “Batman” carries some history and prestige of its own. The current batch of stories coming from it may not be the best, but the title is an important one. Verdict: Publish, but change creative teams




Years ago this was a very important series. But that was years ago. Every issue and arc in recent times has felt like filler. Attempts to breathe new life into the series have failed. It is 2011, do we really need a monthly Batman and Superman team-up book? My answer is no. Verdict: Cancel


Batman and Robin


This series made headlines on comic book websites and was loved by everyone when it debuted. Now Morrison has left it and moved on to greater things. Since then it’s had some fill in arcs and has struggled to find a tone. It’s had some really good stories, but nothing that couldn’t be told in “Batman” or “Detective Comics”. It’s original purpose is gone, so there isn’t much point in keeping the series around. Verdict: Cancel


Batman: The Dark Knight


This series has been very enjoyable thus far. David Finch has made the series unique and enjoyable, despite some odd moments from issue two. What will happen when Finch finishes his run or decides to leave? The book would just become another Batman title. As it stands it’s also unique because it’s the only title showing Bruce Wayne in Gotham City as the headlining Batman. This may change in the future though as Batman Incorporated progresses. Perhaps with all the Nolan hype going around, DC enjoys having a Batman title with the words “Dark Knight” plastered on the cover. Even so, there is nothing Finch is doing which couldn’t be done in another title. Verdict: Cancel and move the team to another title


Batman Incorporated


Love it or hate it, this title is where Morrison’s grand story is currently being told. As long as “Batman Inc” exists as a concept, we should have this title to elaborate on the grander scheme of it. If the story winds down or Morrison leaves, then things may be different. For now they aren’t. Verdict: Publish


Gotham City Sirens


I enjoyed early issues of this series while my peers looked on in disgust. Now I’m with the rest of the naysayers. This series hasn’t had a clear direction since before Paul Dini left. Even before Dini left the series was always in flux due to him leaving in the middle of storylines. The plots are very sitcomy and sometimes the series feels like it’s about nothing. Time to cut their losses and move on. Verdict: Cancel


Red Robin


The character of Tim Drake Wayne has a very loyal following. He’s been published in ongoing form non-stop for almost twenty years. Now that he’s no longer Robin fans will have to look here to see what he’s up to. Fabian has made the characters his own and despite some “unternet” oddities, this series is an important one in the Batman line. Verdict: Publish




I’m really enjoying this title so there is some bias here. Stephanie Brown is a unique character in The Batman Universe at the moment. Seeing her juggling superhero activities, college all the while hiding her activities from her oblivious mother is just like old school comics (and a taste of Chuck Dixon’s “Robin”). Verdict: Publish


Birds of Prey


Part of me has trouble even considering it an official Batman book. I think it is far enough removed from the Batman line that publishing this series doesn’t risk diluting the franchise. While the pre-launch has been subpar , Oracle and her team still have a place in the DC Universe. Verdict: Publish




It’s been five years since this series was first announced. In those five years we’ve only seen one “zero” issue. Is this coming out or not? Do we even care anymore now that Rucka is gone? Verdict: Nothing to cancel, it isn’t even being published


Batman Beyond


This series is very unique in the DC right now. It is has its own continuity and universe (or does it?). It is based off of a hit TV series and is in the position of being able to build its own world. Terry isn’t like any of the other Gotham capes so there is no danger of redundancies. I don’t even mind having Adam Beechen writing. Verdict: Publish


This isn’t even counting all the team books and mini-series. America is going through a recession, and everyone is making cutbacks and tightening their belts. Perhaps it’s time for the Batman line to do the same. What do you think?


Posted by Josh

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  • Michael DeLozier (DancingMike on the forum)

    And that doesn’t even cover ancillary books like “The All New Batman: The Brave and the Bold.” Yes, I know it’s a kids’ book, but it’s the only comic that I currently have a subscription to (yes, I’m the one).

    But I agree there are too many Bat-books out there. That makes continuity harder than ever to maintain, and does put a strain on our wallets. That’s one of the reasons that of all the Bat-books, I decided to subscribe to BATB. I can get a Batman story every month, and not have to buy twenty-seven other comics to keep up with what’s going on with the character, since it’s out of continuity.