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Bat-Fan Collection Spotlight: TDKR Edition

It has been quite sometime since we showcased a collection here at The Batman Universe, but with The Dark Knight Rises only days away, we saved this collection for the perfect time. I was first contacted by a fan, known as Haywire on the site TheRPF.com, about the viral marketing campaign that ran back in December. After talking a bit, I learned that he had a massive collection dedicated to the Nolan films. What you are about to see may blow your mind, so be warned.


Haywire Collection


Like I said, mind blown. This room that he has worked on is all life-size models of the characters that have appeared in the first two films. In addition to the three characters shown, he also has a Ra's al Ghul and Batman from Batman Begins.


Haywire Collection-Batman


His collection also includes props that were actually used in the films as well as replicas. Here are some of his items.


Haywire Collection-Gadgets


Haywire Collection-Newspaper Stand


A large portion of his collection focuses on the viral marketing campaign from The Dark Knight. He has more items than even I knew existed. Here is a taste. The top image is what appeared on the Joker's desk on the computer for one of the events. The bottom image is Haywire's actual recreation of the desk.


Haywire Collection-Viral Pic


Haywire Collection-Viral Recreation


Extremely detailed is an understatement. Haywire has already promised that a Bane and Catwoman are coming to his collection and has already began work on Bane. These are just a small set of images from his collection, and he has a ton more. Head over here for even more images and to keep up to date with everything that Haywire adds to the collection.


If you have a collection you would like to show off, email us at content@thebatmanuniverse.net


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • Alex Aguilera

    That's amazing! My mind is blown! The ultimate Bat-fan is an understatement.

  • Haywire

    Thanks Dustin for showcasing my collection on your amazing site.  Its been great chatting with you over the last few months, and look forward to continuing our conversations after The Dark Knight Rises. You'll be the first to know when Bane is up and running 🙂