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Follow-Up: DC Returns Batman Price to $3.99


batman 35


TBU reported last week that DC was raising the price of their best-selling ongoing title Batman to $4.99 per issue starting with the beginning of the new story arc “Batman: Endgame” in issue #35 at least partially because of the return of backup stories in the title from month-to-month.  After the story broke on the internet, Batman writer Scott Snyder took to Twitter saying that he had only found out about the news as it was reported online and knew nothing of it in advance.  Further, Snyder promised that he had raised the issue with DC and that they were “seriously considering” his comments.


And, this seems to have been the case as Snyder has now said on Twitter that DC has agreed to reduce the price back to the regular $3.99 after issue #35 for which it was likely to late to make the reversion.  As of now, there is no indication whether the reduction in price will also come with the elimination of the aforementioned backups (as the increase in story-pages was the general justification for the increase in price) or whether readers will get the additional content for the same price.  Either way, it seems like Snyder and DC have both been responsive to criticism from fans and readers and have decided to lower the price back to the accustomed price-point.



Snyder also commented on Twitter thanking DC for allowing them to keep the content of “Batman: Endgame” secret so as to be a bigger surprise for the fans while acknowledging that both the price decrease as well as the secrecy may have led to DC “despite the money that [they] would leave on the table.”

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