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Batman 3 Update

Awhile back, we at The Batman Universe made a prediction that with the announcement of DC Entertainment, DC was going to be making a big impact on the silver screen in the future. We also said to wait for January 2010 for some huge announcements.


Well, it appears, at least according to a lot of Hollywood producers attached to other DC projects, an announcement is coming next month. MTV's Splash Page recently talked with Joel Silver and Dan Lin about Sherlock Holmes. As we all know, MTV digs for news even when there isn't any news to dig for. Both producers said in separate interviews that news is coming from DC Entertainment.


"[They're] unveiling their DC strategy in January so you'll hear more about that and they'll speak about that in the new year," Lin said of the WB's plans. "[It] seems like they're building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that."


So can we expect an announcement about Batman 3 soon? Based on some rumors floating around, Warner Bros. has purchased permits in Chicago for next October. Stay tuned to The Batman Universe as more news is released.


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