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Snyder and Capullo Talk “Endgame”, Jim Gordon and Their Partnership

At Comic-Con International in San Diego, writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo visited with CBR TV’s Jonah Weiland for an in-depth discussion about their run on “Batman.” In the conversation (which is recorded in three parts) Snyder and Capullo discuss the recent “Endgame” story arc, the transition to having Jim Gordon as Batman in the current story in Batman, and their own partnership and contracts with DC.


The big takeaways from the interview (some of which were known already) were:

  • Endgame was going to be their last story when their contract was set to end at #50.
  • The two were vague about the possibility of a contract extension to stay on the book.
  • As a result of the potential extension, they moved Endgame up further so that it would occur before DC moved to the West Coast.
  • They have ideas that could last a few more years as long as DC and the fans allow them to.
  • Neither will work on Batman without the other.
  • The Jim Gordon storyline was meant to be a lighter, comedic-relief storyline after the darkness of “Endgame.”
  • “Endgame” originally had a different ending which was changed before publication which altered Joker’s ending but not.
  • The current story is meant to be a look at what happened if Batman died but Bruce Wayne came back.


See the videos below for the full interview with Snyder and Capullo.




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