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Batman: Zero Year Finale Pushed Back a Month

Scott Snyder has tweeted some interesting news regarding Batman #28 and a character design for a future Batman character.


According to Snyder's tweet, he has stated that original Batman #28 will be pushed back a month.


Our NEWS IS: the current BATMAN #28 (the finale of Zero Year – Dark City) will now be BATMAN #29. And a new Batman #28 will come out in its place by me, James Tynion and Dustin Nguyen – a special thank you issue that takes place six months in the future from the present continuity of the DCU, and gives you all sorts of peeks into the craziness planned for 2014.


And believe me, the issue will have a lot of surprises. After all the support you've shown us on Batman – and on ZY especially – we owe you BIG. Big like a debt we can never, ever repay, big. But with this issue, we'll try very hard to fill the pages with thank you spoilers.


Thank you guys from the bottoms of our black, twisted hearts.


You are Gotham, always.


And here, I'll post a tease of a new (?) character appearing in the new #28 right now…



After this announcement, Snyder teased an image still of a character who appears to resemble Nightwing's old blue & black color scheme. Some might speculate that this character is Harper Row, but let's see who you think the new character design and who it might be?


Posted by Kristina Collins

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