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Batman’s Incredible Gaming Evolution

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Few comic book characters have had such an amazing history as Batman. From his comic book origins as the Bat-Man in 1939 to his intriguing appearance in the latest Suicide Squad trailer, there are few characters who can touch the endless appeal of Batman.


But it’s in the gaming realm that Batman has really dominated the scene. From innovative VR titles to the hyper-convenient luxury casino games, it’s shown us that there’s an endless thirst for being able to live life as the Caped Crusader on a small screen.


From the early days of home computers we were all treated to some interesting Batman titles. Whilst Amstrad and Spectrum users may have had to suffer from some seriously blocky graphics, it was nevertheless a massive thrill for these gamers to be able to roam around the Batcave and rescue the imperilled Robin.


Thankfully video gaming progressed fairly quickly and over the years we’ve seen many impressive Batman releases that have shown off the latest advances with 1992’s Batman Returns giving Super NES users the chance to hurl a Batarang whilst 2001’s Gotham City Racer provided PlayStation gamers with 51 levels of Batmobile racing excitement.


Special mention must also be made to 2005’s Batman Begins game that sought to update the franchise with impressive graphics that made full use of the new Xbox and PlayStation 2 technologies, plus the use of actors’ voices from the movie added an extra level of authenticity to the well-received game.


After the inevitable Lego Batman game, fans of the Caped Crusader were finally given the Batman game of their dreams with last year’s Arkham Knight that took full advantage of the next-gen console’s processing power to present a beautifully depicted Gotham and the chance to take full control of the Batmobile.


And with the mobile gaming revolution in full flow, it’s no surprise to find many Batman titles on the smaller screen. From the likes of Batman: Arkham City Lockdown to the chaotic fighting game, Arkham Origins, there’s been no shortage of mobile fun to be had with the enigmatic Batman character. Furthermore, you can also get the chance to spot the Dark Knight as you play slots at Betway casino, which further illustrates that the comic book character is an easy way from games developers to attract gamers whether it’s to a simple combat game or the latest online casino enterprise.


But surely it’s the announcement that Telltale Games will be releasing a Batman-style game that will excite the most ardent Bat-fans. Although there’s still no definite date set, it looks to redefine the Batman series through the developer’s ability to provide a unique storytelling twist to the standard gaming format.


And with the further incredible news that a Batman: Arkham VR will be available for the groundbreaking PlayStation VR headset, it’s not just those luxury casino games that will be benefiting from a little Batman action.

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