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Review: Batman ’66 Chapter #20

Batman '66 Chapter #20At police headquarters, we find the dynamic duo discussing the arrest warrant for Bruce Wayne with Commissioner Gordon and Chief O’Hara. Batman and Robin insist that Wayne is being framed and they deduce that the criminal False-Face is more than likely behind the thefts.


Meanwhile False-Face is at the Gotham Science Museum impersonating the director as he manages to steal the Tiger Topaz diamond (originally seen in a previous chapter where Batgirl foiled Catwoman’s attempt to steal it!).


Back at the GCPD, Batman informs Gordon that he will be hunting down False-Face rather than helping with the search of the “missing” Bruce Wayne. It is here that they hear of the Museum director being found gagged and tied up…the duo then race off to investigate. Arriving at the Science Museum the Caped Crusaders find a clue in the director’s jacket, a letter detailing where False-Face was heading. Deciphering the clue, Batman and Robin head off to the airport in order to continue the pursuit…all the way to Mount Rushmore!


Arriving at a hangar, the newly christened Batplane is revealed and the two speed off to South Dakota. Meanwhile in a cabin near the famous monument, False-Face wards off some park rangers by impersonating the President of the United States. However with the Batplane’s arrival False-Face and his gang escape into the woods pursed by the duo.


Chasing the gang through the woods, Batman and Robin manage to subdue the henchman and Batman corners False-Face. The villain however threatens to blow up Mount Rushmore, but with a timely distraction by Batman, Robin manages to disconnect the bomb. With a quick “ABE-BAM!” Batman punches out False-Face transformed into Abe Lincoln.


The chapter closes with Gordon informing Bruce Wayne that all of False-Face’s stolen goods were recovered thus clearing Wayne of all charges.


Another expertly utilized issue of “DC Squared!” I rather enjoy the way this style is used, especially when it comes to chase/action sequences…it really allows the pacing of the issue to be just as fast as the action taking place, quick hits and blows come as fast as they are intended.


The writing seemed really simple in this issue, but it rather fit with the story. Clues are quickly deduced by Batman and Robin, quickly followed by some action sequences. I also liked that this story targeted Bruce Wayne as a culprit, something that you wouldn’t expect from the ’66 era of Batman. Finally it was also nice to see the issue tying back to old chapters with the Tiger Topaz diamond popping up for the second time.


The art was very well done in this issue, very clean and sharp. The design of the Batplane is very cool, definitely in the same vane as the other ’66 era vehicles and it was nice to see the expansion of Batman’s arsenal.


Overall a pretty solid issue with lots of humor and action.


Batman '66 Chapter #20:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Ryan Blair

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