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Review: Batman ’66 Digital Chapter #11

Batman '66 Chapter #11The chapter opens with the dynamic duo in hot pursuit of the Mad Hatter and his henchman in flying hovercraft top hats. Taking to the air, Batman launches a batarang and latches onto the Hatter’s aircraft…Robin meanwhile takes to the streets in the British batmobile.


In a classic, yet unique chase sequence Batman is dragged through the streets of London as the Hatter and his crew attempt to dislodge the caped crusader. Meanwhile on the ground below Alfred and Robin attempt to locate the dark knight and their quarry. Realizing that they have gone onto the river Thames, Robin agrees to meet up with Batman on the Westminster Bridge.


On the water, Batman successfully takes out one of the hovercrafts using a water cannon on a fireboat. Afterwards he swings under the bridge; causing the Hatter’s craft to stall…this distraction allows Alfred to launch an attack with the bat-beam.


With the Mad Hatter successfully brought down, the Crown Jewels are uncovered and the villain is taken into custody by Inspector Gordon.


This chapter brought about the conclusion of the latest Batman ’66 storyline involving the Mad Hatter. It’s always cool to see the characters from the show introduced in the comic book, especially if the likeness is spot on…something that this book is continually right on the mark with.


Although it was interesting to see the chase sequence highly utilizing the “DC Squared” feature…I feel that’s all this issue had to offer. The previous chapter gave us a bit of an insight into the Hatter’s character but unfortunately that’s where it ended. This chapter is packed with pure action and very little story, it’s not bad…just something that is noticeably missing. Although I will admit that I was quickly flipping through the panels as I attempted to keep up to the pace with the chase sequence, very well done indeed.


Overall an action packed story that successfully utilizes “DC Squared,” and coupled with the previous chapter gives us an excellent view into this classic villain.


Batman '66 Chapter #11:


3.5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Ryan Blair

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