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Review: Batman and Robin #35

batman and robin 35This book looks freaking GORGEOUS! I think Gleason is getting better and better. I don’t know how, but he is. But I also think the darker shades of John Kalisz’s coloring make it look it’s best. Tomasi’s quest to bring Robin back continues, and it continues to be thrilling to read. What’s most impressive is how Tomasi is able to channel his being an editor in the past, and pulls from different storylines from all over the place, and makes it work.


Batman has made it to Apokolips. And he goes on a freaking rampage, taking out every Parademon in sight. He stops some from sacrificing some alien captives to the planet for Darkseid, and demands Godfrey. He flies for a time, and notices that the suit is already taking a toll on his body.


Back at the Batcave Jason, Babs, and Tim have all come back to help Bruce. They figure out a plan to get to Apokolips, but they need Cyborg. Alfred gets his box from the JL’s weakness, and they get to work.


The meet up with Batwoman to inform her that they may not be back, and that she needs to protect the city.


The family have Cyborg come to the Batcave to meet about Batman, and he agrees to help. The strap him into internet 3.0, and program it into his hard-drive so that he can have sweet dreams while they activate his mother box to boom over to Apokolips. They gear up in some Damian-esque armor to remind themselves who they are fighting for, and boom over there. Cyborg wakes up, and follows them through with Titus attached to his foot. The group then comes across the alien captives, who want to eat Titus…


Batman makes his way to Godfrey. Kalibak places Damian’s tomb, as well as the Chaos shard into a planet destroyer, and blows up a planet. Darkseid has been in stasis since he invaded Earth years ago. Kalibak is doing this to make his father strong.


Neat symmetry here, as we are seeing Bruce go to extremes for his son, and Kalibak do the same for his Father. Looking forward to next issue!


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