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Review: Batman and Robin #36

batman and robinThis review might be shorter than most. And I say that because really, not much happened. We get some awesome looking art, some great splash pages. But the pacing was off, this whole issue could have been done in a few pages and we wouldn’t have missed much. I’m sure it’ll read better once it’s collected, but right now it feels like this is a stall in order to wait for Batman and Robin Alpha (which I’m extremely excited for). So, without much left to say… Here we go.


Batman is interrogating Godfrey, as he seems much more afraid of him now. And who wouldn’t?! That suit makes him a freaking beast! Godfrey informs him that Damian is currently powering a chaos cannon, and Batman makes him be “gloriously unconscious.” Bruce begins pushing his body and his suit to the limit. You can tell it’s taking a toll on him, because he has an alien bacteria forming on his body, and it’s looking pretty gnarly.


Batman beats his way through an alien army, destroying everything in sight, and looking cool doing it. He begins to imagine the aliens he’s beating to a pulp as being Ra’s, Heritic, and Talia to fuel his rage, until the Robin logo brings him out of it. The gang’s all here, and they are going to do this together.


Cyborg tears the cannon apart, as Batman takes Kalibak down pretty easily… But then Darkseid appears. It just got real.


Now, I did enjoy reading this, and I am continuing to love this story. But really, there’s not much substance behind this. So I have to give Batman and Robin #36…


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