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Batman and Robin Eternal Interview Roundup with Tynion and Daniel


Ahead of October’s upcoming new weekly series Batman and Robin Eternal various websites including Newsarama, Comic Vine, and Comic Book Resources conducted interviews with part of the creative team for the title James Tynion IV and Tony Daniel.  Rather than quoting some excerpts from each article (many of which cover the same ground) below are some of  big take-aways from these interviews for readers who are waiting in expectation for Eternal to return.  Be sure to read the links above for the entire interview transcripts.


  • Cassandra Cain will be at the center of Batman and Robin Eternal the way that Stephanie Brown was in the first series of Eternal.
  • Bruce will have a role to play in the series despite not currently being Batman in the ongoing title.
  • The title will include all former Robins including the current cast of We Are Robin (no specific comment on Carrie Kelley or acknowledgement of Stephanie Brown’s tenure as Robin in old continuity, though).
  • The villain “Mother” is meant to be a thematic surrogate for Martha Wayne.
  • The identity of the true villain in Batman and Robin Eternal won’t be as ambiguous or subject to as many twists as in the first volume.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal isn’t exactly a sequel to the first series as much as it is another instance of the same kind of epic storytelling.
  • The story will essentially be written in two-issue arcs with creators taking turns in the arcs.
  • This story is meant to happen at the same time as current Batman continuity but the events of the Eternal story may bleed into other titles as with Catwoman and Arkham Manor in the first series.
  • There are other characters which will be returning to continuity that have not been announced as of yet.
  • Issues with the rest of the Bat-Family assuming that Dick Grayson is dead will be settled in the pages of Grayson before Batman and Robin Eternal begins.
  • Dick Grayson will be the central figure of the family with Bruce Wayne/Batman out of the picture.
  • Cassandra Cain will not be returning as Batgirl but might end up with a costume of her own.
  • Damian comes into the story at a later point while Dick, Jason, Tim, Cassandra Cain, and Harper Row are the main characters from the beginning.
  • Bruce will be seen as Batman using flashbacks.


Batman and Robin Eternal Special Edition #1 will be available free on Batman Day, September 26. Batman and Robin Eternal #1 is on sale October 7.

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