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Batman: Arkham City Reveals

A couple of interesting reveals have occurred in the last twenty four hours for Batman: Arkham City.


First up, in addition to the Penguin Interview tape being released at Comic Con International, it appears that the Joker tape was also made available. The site Got Game revealed the tape and now all can watch.



Next up, it seems that the classic Bat-suit from the seventies won't be the only one that Batman will be able to wear. Gamestop has revealed that they will have a Batman Beyond skin which will be part of their pre-order exclusive. As of right now it has been announced for Gamestop in the UK, although it is sure to be downloadable if not attached to the US pre-orders.


Gamestop Batman Beyond Exclusive


The last bit comes from direction of the game's Twitter account. @arkhamcitynews posted that newest issue of The Edge. Our friends over at arkhamcity.co.uk posted a bit from the magazine. It turns out that Bane will be in the game and have a very different role. He will be teaming with Batman at some point in the game against the Tyger guards.


Batman: Arkham City Bane and Batman


Batman: Arkham City is only a little over two months away.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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