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Batman: Arkham Origins Concept Art: Joker and Bane Thugs


Some Batman: Arkham Origins concept art has come out showing off designs of Joker & Bane's thugs. It's pretty intriguing to see some behind-the-scenes concept art that made the game what it is. Most of the thugs are found on the multi-player mode along with Dick Grayson's Robin and if you get the skin for it, Tim Drake as Robin. The multi-player mode hasn't received a lot of great reviews by fans, but as long as you get to play as Robin. There is not much to be excited about for the multi-player mode, but you can continue to be Batman and go after thugs.



The concept art was provided by Manuel Augusto Dischinger Moura. There are different kinds of Joker thugs such as "The Maniac," "One Bad Day," "Lunatic," "Biker," and "The Trenchcoat" thug. Bane's thugs have more variety than the Joker thugs such as "The Sharp Shooters," "Tech Operatives," "Thug Elites," "Dreadnaught," "The Hunter," and "The Stealth." Some of the Bane thugs have head gear similar to the Knightfall mask concept and The Dark Knight Rises Bane face mask. There are more concept designs you can go to Moura's site and find some more here.



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