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Review: Batman Beyond #7

(Spoilers ahead) The story begins decades from now. An aged Bruce Wayne is in his study staring at the painting of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Wayne is examining his life since he realizes that his lifespan has surpassed his murdered parents. What are his accomplishments and did he achieve happiness. The answer to the latter is no, tragedy sent Bruce Wayne in another direction. He took on partners in Dick then Jason and Tim. He went back to working alone until he became sidelined due to old age. With no successor Batman was finished. Sure after Tim came Damian and then Duke to help, but his heir Damian had a falling out with Bruce, so he was left alone until Terry McGinnis walked in.


Bruce is interrupted in his thoughts by the entrance of Max. Max tries to convince Bruce that everyone including Terry is thrilled about his return. Bruce wonders if he was too hard on the boy. Bruce wanted Terry strong and driven like he was, but he still thinks that he could have been more understanding and perhaps a better listener. Matt in turn interrupts the two of them, there is trouble.


The three go down to the cave to see that the Bat Signal has been activated and Terry is not responding to the signal or the phone. Bruce taps into his satellite system and discovers that Brother Eye did not destroy a couple of his satellites. With the camera, they are able to see that police headquarters is under attack by the League of Assassins. The attack is on Barbara Gordon and Curare, a former member of the League. Their only chance of surviving this fight is Batman.


Terry and Dana continue to have their conversation while Terry ignores the Signal. Dana tries to get Terry to respond, but he refuses, insisting that he has to have his own life for once and being Batman has cost him too much. He wants to be Terry McGinnis and be normal for a while.


At police headquarters the fight between the League of Assassins and the police continues, but it does not go well. Curare is wounded in the shoulder blades by a couple of throwing stars and Barbara, who is also wounded, is able to reach her gun and return fire killing the assassin who targeted Curare.


Bruce attempts to call Terry and Terry hangs up on him and shuts off his phone. A frustrated Bruce just needs to get Terry to understand that people are dying. Matt has an idea. He calls Dana’s phone as the Bat Signal is shut off during the fight on the roof. Barbara takes an arrow to her back and she goes down leaving a wounded Curare standing against the League. Dana sees a video of the carnage at police headquarters and passes it to an angry Terry. He sees the video and laments at what he has done by ignoring the calls.


The fight continues but Barbara and Curare are hopelessly outnumbered until Batman swoops in and counterattacks. While Terry fights the League, Bruce and Matt discuss Terry’s new suit. Matt says he found the suit in Bruce’s vault. Bruce says that the suit was never to be worn by anyone ever again.


Batman blows up the signal killing several assassins and he attacks others using his talons. This is going on as his symbol on his chest and eyes glow with what looks like electricity. Bruce sees Terry’s actions and tries to recall him, but Batman kills the remaining assassins and then wants to find out why Curare is at police headquarters. She hands Batman a vid screen showing the Demon, Ra’s al Ghul is alive. Next issue face to face with the demon.


I enjoyed this issue. We continue the conversation with Terry and Dana and get some information about the suit. It appears to enhance the aggression of the wearer and it is probably something Bruce created to give him an edge in his old age but it may have been too much for Bruce Wayne to control and now it is being worn by a much younger Terry McGinnis.


I noticed that the monochrome style used in individual panels is missing in this issue. Personally I am pleased by this, but I don’t understand what Chang is trying to convey with this style. It is interesting that the costume design used in Bruce’s flashback is the classic Pre-Crisis design.


Overall I liked the art in this issue. It effectively showed the action and the reader is able to follow the action by just looking at the art. The story is also interesting. We get some reveals especially in the nature of Terry’s suit, but are left with some questions that need to be answered. The end of issue reveal of Ra’s al Ghul is also incomplete since we only see him wearing a Demon’s head and we do not get a shot of his face. Is he really Ra’s or someone else? Only reading the next issue will hopefully answer some of those questions. Overall, an interesting story and engaging art for this time around.


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