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Review: Batman Black and White Statue: Batman by Lee Bermejo




I picked up this statue the other day from my local comic store and even though i have been collecting all of the Batman black and white series of statues i did not know how i felt about this one?  I'll explain, Lee Bermejo's art work is so raw and heavy in dark inks that i wondered how the heck would a sculptor capture Bermejo's artwork.  but Jean did a wonderful job.


The Caped Crusader looks like he just stepped out of the joker graphic novel and on to my statue shelf.  i have rarely been disappointed with DC Direct's product on the B&W series and I'm glad to say this statue is great to add to any bat-fan collection.


This statue cost around $80.00 and for any Lee Bermejo fans this is a must own.


Batman Black and White Statue: Batman by Lee Bermejo:



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  • raps

    sicky. where can I get those boots?