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Review: Batman: Eternal #2

My complaint with issue #1, was that it was so fast paced, that it didn't stop to try to explain the things that were going on. Issue #2 is just that.


Here, Batman does some detective work, and finds out who is behind this chain of events, being none other than Carmine Flacone (making his New 52 debut). Although, I don't expect it to be him who is talking to Bruce "in the end", it's exciting to see him back into the mix. It is this event that scares Batman enough to call in the whole Batfamily. And although it hasn't happened very often since the New 52, I love seeing Batman and Catwoman interact. She flirts with him, and he just ignores her, it's great. And then we see a villian that I've never seen before. Not sure if they're new, or what, but the dude is creepy.


Fabok's art is, again, good. It doesn't stand out to me as much as last issue, but I believe that's because this one wasn't as action oriented. The great thing about these issues, are that we get the next one so soon. Be back again next week.


Batman: Eternal #2:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Corbin Pool

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