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Review: Batman: Eternal #4

In life, family is a constant in life not matter what you always have your family as the old saying goes, sometimes you hate them and most of the time you love you them. So when the one of your family members have their back against the wall or are in some danger you will have their back and fight till the death for them or as Batgirl said “I will not let him rot”.


Spoilers Below:


In Batman Eternal #4, James Gordon is at trail seeing if he can post for bail but is declined and sent to spend his time in Blackgate prison until his trail for the subway epidemic. As anyone would act if their father was imprisoned unfairly, she goes berserk and unleashes her rage all throughout Gotham beating henchmen to near death and even getting few slugs at Batman. She vows not to let her dad rot in prison, Batman investigates Falcone, and Stephanie Brown's story progresses.


This issue was written by John Layman and drawn by Dustin Nguyen and by far this has been my favorite issue in the series. The art in the book is Dustin at his best it is fluid and beautiful to look at, I prefer Dustin to Jason Fabok the people look diverse and the colors stand out making it more appealing to the eye. My only problem with the art is that the new detective Jason Bard is drawn completely differently not just in an art style way but he just looks like a completely different character. As for the story I loved seeing Batgirl go berserk because it something you don’t ever really get to see. Most of the time she is the most tame member of the Bat-family, but watching her beat up villains and even Batman it makes me think of her as more of a badass character who could really hold her own.  In the last three issues there has been a lot of set up and absolutely no pay off to anything that has happened, so I was glad to some reaction instead of just action. As Batman: Eternal world builds into a dastardly place to be a masked avenger I’m looking forward to seeing how the rest of the Bat-family fits into this dark puzzle.


Batman: Eternal #4 is the best issue in the series so far. We get to see Batgirl kick ass, the first confrontation between Batman and Falcone, also we get to see some suspense with Stephanie Brown's story and its all tied up in a beautiful bow by Dustin Nguyen making a truly memorable issue as well as moment in the series and the New 52.


Batman: Eternal #4:


5 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Jonathan Closner

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  • Corbin Pool

    This issue was awesome. Although, part of me wanted to see the colors done in watercolor instead…

  • Bob Holt

    I had to re-read this issue several times to get over the whip-lash I got from the art change. I do think that this book is very well written, and I think the deepening of the story is needed and well accomplished. However, as a result of the art change I really want to put this 3rd out of 4 issues. When we're at night or in dark spaces, I really think the line work pops and works, but in rooms and especially in the police station, the art seems a little Saturday morning, kiddie anime to me. In fact, the police station scene might be the worst scene all together in the issues. I think it was a huge mistake to draw Bard so differently. He goes from a crew cut and a hoodie to a Ted Theodore Logan mop in a sport coat. I feel like he is a very new character to a lot of readers and four issues into a weekly, to draw him so differently really took me out. I also think it is border-line criminal what is done with Alfred. He looks like a caddie. At best he looks like Arnold Palmer. I can totally get behind artist vision and there should be freedom of interpretation, but something Christopher Drake (composer from DCU Animated Movies) has said about interpretation and variety really applies here. Batman has a dress code. There are parameters needed to fit into a Batman comic. While not always literal, Alfred is not a rolled up sleeves type of guy. 

    As I said, writing is strong, but the art change is not only a weird choice but also does things I don't like. Now, maybe in the totality of the series, this diversion of artist may make more sense, but right now I am getting a whole lot of "one of these things is not like the other one, one of these things, doesn't belong."

    A month in, I'd go 3, 1, 4, 2 for order of my preference of this series.