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Review: Batman Eternal #7

When an empire falls and a new regime comes into place and there is always collateral damage. When Nero came to power, he burnt Rome. Cesar burnt the library of Alexandria. And Carmine Falcone blew up the Iceberg Lounge.


In Batman Eternal #7 Carmine Falcone plans to blow up the Iceberg Lounge to beat the Penguin in their gang war. Batman fights Professor Pyg and Catwomen joins to help in the battle.


The Good


What I enjoyed most about this issue is that there is finally resolution to what has been going on. In the last three issues there has been nothing but build up and adding different subplots to the story. In this issue we finally get some momentum and have the story progress instead of just getting another side story, which has been hard to follow.  I really like that the lesser known characters such as Professor Pyg and Tiger Shark are a part of this story it really makes you feel that every aspect of Gotham is conspiring against Batman, from the strangest villains to his main rogues gallery. The art in this issue is just as good as the previous issues and the coloring is up to par. Also the structure of the panels gives it good motion.


The Bad


The there are many things this issue lacks. In some cases the dialogue just feels a little corny, especially from Batman. The writing is just kind of bland. It didn’t pull me in as much as the first couple of issues did and it just feels clunky. The story itself is good. There wasn’t any part that I thought that was just plain stupid like the last issue, but the writing and the art just leave more to be desired.




Batman Eternal #7 is a fun ride into the madness that has become Gotham. The addition of all the C-list villains is fun and it really makes you see how Batman has the deck stacked against him. It also really pushes the story forward which is what I have felt has been lacking in the past few issues. The writing and the art leave more to be desired but the issue overall is just fun with explosion, Batman beating up bad guys, and the Penguin’s empire coming to an end.


Batman Eternal #7:


3 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Jonathan Closner

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