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Review: Batman Eternal #8

When monuments fall it means a change of times. In lasts week's issue the Iceberg lounge was destroyed, forever changing the landscape of Gotham. In this issue another object is destroyed, a blanket of justice that is draped upon the night sky. This symbol has been destroyed forever changing the mind-set of Gotham.


Batman Eternal #8 is a jam packed thrill ride as the story finally picks up momentum with Batman vs The G.C.P.D and Stephanie Brown dodging assassination.


The Awesome


First off I must say that Guillem March who provides the pencils in this issue draws an amazing Batman. He looks menacing and straight up scary. The art in this issue is just great it has its own personality, but isn’t to drastically different from the other artists on the book. The panels are also broken up to make a great flow that feels very cinematic. The script is by John Layman who delivers pretty great dialogue and a pretty amazing story. One of the best parts about this is that we finally get some pay and see the story move forward the tensions between the G.C.P.D and Batman have been building and in this issue the Gotham police really gave the finger to Batman by destroying the object that not only was a symbol of there relationship but what bonded them together. Also I was ecstatic that Stephanie Brown was making an appearance because the cliff hanger that we were left in hadn’t been touched on in the last couple issue. I just can’t wait until she becomes Spoiler.




As the issues continue to go on, I start to see that most are hit or miss. Batman Eternal #8 is definitely a hit. It moves the story forward in a crazy way that we haven’t seen before in the New 52. It’s hard to make a challenge for Batman that is believable but Carmine Falcone and  G.C.P.D is becoming one of Batman’s greatest threat yet.


Batman Eternal #8:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Jonathan Closner

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