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Review: Batman Eternal #10

When people from your past come to the present, things are never the same. The time you’ve spent apart from that person creates a barrier between you, separating the old you from your present self. So when a person from the past comes back into your life the changes could be daunting and sometimes deadly.


In Batman Eternal #10 Professor Pyg comes to take his revenge on Carmine Falcone for destroying his laboratory.  We get to see Catwoman and Falcone’s history and how Stephanie Brown is surviving after numerous assassination attempts.


What I loved


For the last two issues John Layman has been writing the script and I believe this has led to better flowing and smarter dialogue, as well as better representation of characters.  Other than Scott Snyder he is the only other critically acclaimed writer in the group. It’s a shame that they had creative differences because the only issues that I have loved are his and James Tynion’s. As for the story is starts out five years earlier with Catwomen cutting Carmine Falcone’s face and stealing his property. Then we flash forward to the present as the tables have turned now with Catwomen being kidnapped and Falcone trying to kill her. But as soon as he is going to go through with it, Professor Pyg busts in with his twisted group of farm animals to exact his revenge on Falcone by performing surgery to turn him into a falcon. This was great and really showed that Pyg is a sick and twisted villain who is not to be played with. What I was pleased with is that Stephanie Brown story is progressing and we get to see how she is coping with her life on the run and knowing that her Dad is trying to kill her. Also we get a major twist at the end that leaves me curious to see what happens next.


What I Hated


The art in issue did nothing for me in for example Bruce Wayne doesn’t even have eyeballs in every panel he is in it makes him look Asian. Also Julie Pennyworth looks a complete different race from the last issue. In most panels people just look awkward especially in action sequences there’s one in particular where it looks like Batman is trying to do the splits. The art just looks unnatural and takes me out of the experience.




Batman Eternal #10 is a great issue that gives you some insight to the past as well as moving the story forward with one special turn in events. Batman Eternal has been hit or miss for me but the last two issues have had a real turn around and this issue leaves me pondering what might come next.


Batman Eternal #10:


4 out of 5 Batarangs


Reviewed by Jonathan Closner

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