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Review: Batman Eternal #16

Gosh, I love Dustin Nguyen covers… Anyway, Batman Eternal continues, and it is still building on the momentum it has had the last month or so. After struggling at the start, Eternal has become on of the most consistently good Bat-books week-in & week-out. I keep waiting for one of the guys to drop the ball each issue, but that hasn’t happened in quite a while & I’m glad it hasn’t. I look forward to reading this each & every week, as it just continues to get more & more interesting. Dustin Nguyen’s art looks great. As cool as Batwing’s suit looks, I haven’t really cared for the look of his helmet. But with Dustin’s art, Batwing has never looked better. Another great addition to the series. 


Spoilers ahead…


We see Bard, & the police force taking out another group of thugs. One takes out a cop, & takes his gun, but Bard shoots him in the hand, and they take him down. Vicki Vale is impressed, and tells him to call her. But it seems as though she’s more interested in a date than a story. 


At Arkham Asylum, some guards bring in Professor Pyg. Professor Milo (who you may know from the Animated Series) takes him in, and it looks as though Magpie is his assistant. They take Pyg to a special room just for him. Milo tells Pyg to give himself to the light, and we hear Pyg scream. 


In Tokyo, Red Robin & Harper are waking through an alley, when they are attacked by some Dr. Octopus arms! Tim & Harper disarm the arms (ha), and are met by Sergei Alexandrov, the man they were looking for along with his robotic-armed monkey. 


Coincidentally, Mr. Bygone isn’t going to let bygones be bygones, and is telling Corrigan how evil Arkham is. He reminds me of the woman from the last Batman Annual, who kept saying that Arkham used to be a place for healing, a place for good. But now it’s evil. He wasn’t aloud to say goodbye to his wife. He wasn’t able to see his daughter. It took his arm (or maybe that was Joker’s Daughter). It’s turned him into a monster. Corrigan is being attacked by evil spirits of his own creation. People he’s hurt. Corrigan pulls the monster’s hand out of his chest, and knocks Bygone out. Joker’s Daughter speaks to Batman through Batwing’s mic, telling him that they are done at Arkham & are leaving. Batwing asks how she was able to sound like him, and she says “Magic”. She’s about to cut off his arm, when he breaks free. She calls for Maxie – The Vessel, and he fights Batwing. Batwing takes him out, and tries to get his suit to function, but nothing’s working. Batwing hears some voices, comes across an evil spirit, and is saved by Corrigan. They make their way to the chapel, when they come across Deacon Blackfire. 


Great issue, very creepy, great art, and nice progression all give…



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