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Year Two of “Batman Eternal” to be Robin-Centered



Writer of Batman and lead writer on Batman Eternal, Scott Snyder, recently gave an interview to SuperHeroHype.com in which he discussed the upcoming changes to Batman in June but also gave a few new details about the upcoming (and as of now yet to be solicited) Year Two of Batman Eternal.


The big revelation is that the second year of Eternal will reflect the upcoming changes to the status quo of Batman but will also prominently featured the character of Robin.


While the first year of Batman Eternal was meant to be a celebration of the 75th anniversary for the Dark Knight, year two of the title will be a similar celebration for the 75th anniversary of the Boy Wonder.


When asked about the second volume of the title, Snyder commented, “[Year Two] is definitely happening and it really celebrates Robin’s 75th anniversary by creating this big story that focuses on the characters who have been involved in that franchise as Robins.”


While we have no other information right now, this is the first glimpse we’ve seen into the plans for Year Two.  Also, though we don’t yet no which of the former/current Robins will be featured or how the second volume of the title will connect to the events going on in the pages of Batman, one might speculate that it would be difficult to have a title like this celebrating the history of Robin and not include Dick Grayson whose 75th Anniversary should be celebrated in this story as well.

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