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Review: Batman Family Multi-Part Statue





In today's review, we have the Batman family Multi-part statue.  Now I was really excited that Andy Kubert did the drawing for this statue and felt with DC's black and white series of statues that this would be awesome…..well not so fast.  The sculptor Oluf Hartvigson did not do the greatest of jobs on this piece. The characters themselves look like they could of used a bit more detail and maybe some nice body tone.  They almost look like $10 figures you put on a base all together.  And with a price tag of $150.00 per statue (which there were 3) I don't see myself recommending this to anyone other then true…really, really, really true Batman collectors.  I mean you have to be die hard to buy this.


I will say that I was excited to finally get the last piece to put Batman together since you need all three statues which each held a Batman piece.  As I sit back at my desk in my office and look at the piece I am glad to see them all together and maybe that's what makes me think it was worth it, but what's really funny is that Commissioner Gordon looks totally BA!!!!


3 out of 5 Batarangs


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