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Batman Film Rumor Mill: Armie Hammer as Batman?

Armie HammerSome may remember that back in 2007 there was a Justice League film that was in pre-production. The film was set to be directed by George Miller and the role of Batman was filled by Armie Hammer. The film fell through due to a variety of reasons and never started shooting. Skip forward five years and with talks of another Justice League film underway, rumors are already floating around on who could be the new Batman.


Moviehole.net is reporting from sources that Hammer actually is still at the top of the list of actors to play Batman in the new Justice League project. The list is said to be formulated by Warner Bros.


Warner Bros. must have been impressed with his take on the Caped Crusader five years ago. That and combined with the fact that Hammer's public status is becoming much larger with his work in Social Network, J. Edgar, and the upcoming The Lone Ranger, he seems to be a decent pic from teh studio.


Time will tell as to what comes of this rumor. We do know that Will Beale has been tasked with creating the script for the film which is expected in 2015, although even that is also a rumor in and of itself.


What do you think of Hammer playing Batman? Leave your comments in the section below.


Posted by Dustin Fritschel

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  • dave

    it would give us a younger Batman than we've seen on screen before so that has potential.  However following Christian Bales performances as Bruce Wayne/Batman (minus the growl voice) will be hard for anyone to follow.  he'd be as good as any other choice.