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Bennett On Batman: Joker's Daughter

Batman: Joker's Daughter #1Marguerite Bennett debutted in DC Comics with Scott Snyder on Batman Annual #2. She will continue to write for DC Comics with a one-shot on Talon #15 coming out January 2014 and she will also be doing a one-shot in February 2014 called Batman: Joker's Daughter. According to an interview from Newsarama, Bennett wants to focus and shape the character by giving Joker's Daughter purpose and drive, see a bit of the interview down below:


Newsarama: OK, now let's talk about Batman: Joker's Daughter. You've established since you started writing for DC that you have a knack for writing creepy villains, so it's fitting that you'd get to help define this new villain. Is there any particular theme you're hoping to explore through her character?


Marguerite Bennett: I wanted to express the strange, twisted devotion a reader often has for the Joker. This could not come from any standing identity — not as a henchman, who fears him, nor a heroine or hero who can hate him while feeling a pull of fascination for him — not as Harley, who can meet him with intimacy, or even as Batman, who can see him as his own fixed point and antithesis, his polar star. This is a story of worship, as the Joker’s Daughter hunts for the great and horrible entity that could give her life meaning, make her chosen. This is devotion to a savage and absent god — how people define themselves through what they adore and revere and fear and desire. I wouldn’t dare pass something like that up.


Newsarama: We've seen her in other stories over the last few months, in Catwoman and her Villains Month issue. And she just showed up in the teaser image that DC released for next year's Batman: Eternal weekly series. Can you describe the hopes for this spotlight issue? Assuming it takes her from her current status and kind of gets her to the next stage, what are you hoping to bring to the character?


Marguerite Bennett: Primarily? Gravity and pathos. A purpose and a drive — a devotion. Before, Joker’s Daughter seemed (to paraphrase King) like that little rogue blood clot, looking for a place to rupture into an aneurysm—just bouncing around the system, causing damage where she landed. I wanted to focus her, hone her—see what she could accomplish when driven by a devotion that could give her the meaning and significance and validation she craves. (Admittedly, she could always be fractured right back to that little skipping razor blade of a girl, but that’s a matter for the future.)


Bennett does spoil the first page of the one-shot, which will not be displayed here in this post. However, you can always read the spoiled first page by clicking here to read more of itTalon #15 will feature a character named Jonas Lucas who is an African American Talon living in the 1920's. It is soley about Lucas and there does not seem to be an appearance by Calvin Rose according to Bennett. As described by Bennett, it is sure to be a one-shot horror tale. She has also written Batgirl #25 for the Zero Year tie-in and will also be doing another one-shot in February 2014 called Superman: Lois Lane


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